Sunday, April 26, 2015

Special Transfers (Emailed 3/2/2015)

Ok, well first of all, sorry that I couldn't write this last week!  I had to go to Guaymas again for my visa.  But that was my last time going to Guaymas in my mission!!  Crazy!!  So I got home late and didn't have time to write...

This week has been crazy!  Today, I have special transfers.  I don't know why, but a few of us here are being moved around.  We're all staying in the same zone, so I'll be in the same stake here in Mochis, but I'm going to the ward Libertad now.  It's a little sad, but its all good :)  Actually, yesterday we ate with some members that I have loved since I met them the first time I was here in the ward.  We were talking and eating and laughing and I was overcome with such love for these people and such happiness to be with them.  Then we were on our way to a lesson when the zone leaders called us and told us that I'm leaving the area again! 

The good thing is that I know that a lot of these people that I have been teaching here are going to continue learning and progressing.  We have a lot of investigators that will be baptized this month and I'm happy that I had the opportunity to get to know them and help them.  I'm not here to do my will, I'm here to do the will of God.  That's what's important,  and the work here will keep on going the way that it's supposed to!

I have enjoyed my time here in Anahuac.  I have learned soo much here!  It's a little hard to leave this transfer because I feel like I have learned so much here with my companion.  It feels right though.  I learned what I needed to learn and helped those that needed my help in these moment, and now it's time to move on.  I think I understand now why I returned here, and I'm happy!

I just want to finish by telling you all how amazing missionary work is.  There is nothing better than doing the work of the Lord.  It can be hard, but it's beautiful.  This has been the best way to learn, the most satisfying to see others learn and feel this joy and happiness.  I am so happy to be able leave the world behind, to be focused on the spiritual things all day everyday.  To have my testimony strengthened through every experience, and to keep learning.  Sometimes it's hard to imagine how I can keep loving more and more people, but with every new person I meet, I find more love for them, and more happiness when they find happiness through the gospel.

('s getting hard to write in English!  It's so weird!)

Love you all sooo much!!!!

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