Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pure Craziness! (Emailed 3/30/2015)

Hi everyone!!  How are you all doing?

So these past 2 weeks have been kind of crazy. 

I'll just start out with, FABIOLA got BAPTIZED!!  She was baptized on March 21.  That was the most amazing and spiritual baptism I've ever seen.  She was so ready and prepared!  She's the first one in her family to be baptized.  She's in her 30´s and lives with her mom and younger sister.  Her younger sister has wanted to be baptized, but she's a minor, and her mom wouldn't let her get baptized for a few more years.  Anyways, Fabiola, Ana (the younger sis), Emma ( the mom), and Mariana (Fabiola's friend)  all went to the baptism.  Fabiola and Ana bore their testimonies, Emma and Mariana cried from the spirit, everyone cried and were super happy.  So amazing!

Then we were talking with Emma about the baptism a few days later, and she said that maybe she'll let Ana get baptized before my companion, Hna Treviño leaves.  We tried to explain to her that we didn't know when that would be for sure, but we were going to have transfers.  Didn't accept a date.  Then Mariana asked us to visit her, we went to her house, and she told us that she felt something soo amazing in the baptism and wanted that for herself.  We explained the Spirit to her, and she told us she would like to be baptized too.  In a few weeks, she'll be able to be baptized!!  She's so excited!

Then on Wednesday, we went to go visit Ana.  We asked her if she wanted to be baptized on Saturday, she said yes, then flat out told us that we needed to fast for her  and her mom, so that her mom's heart will be softened.  That's what she told us.  We told her we were already planning on it.  On Friday night we went to go visit them all.  We started talking about Ana and asking if she could be baptized on Saturday, Emma didn't know, we decided she would pray about it and we'd call her Saturday morning to see if we should start filling the font or not.  10 in the morning we call Emma, she tells us no...  Not until April.  5 minutes later Ana calls back, Emma says in the background that she wants us to go over to her house.  We go over at 12.  She still says no.  Then almost out of the blue, she calls to Ana and asks her if she wanted to get baptized that day.  Ana gets super excited, says yes, we call the elders to come over and give her an interview, through the baptism together, call and ivite all the members and the bishop.  ANA got BAPTIZED too!!!  She was thrilled!!!!!  It was so crazy!

And we did end up having transfers.  My old companion left, and now I am with Hermana Castro.   They also took out the 2 other elders in the ward and left me in the ward with 3 people that don't know the ward or area at all.  I only have half a transfer in this area and we'll be figuring it all out together!

Anyways, I am so excited for conference this weekend!!  I hope you all get to watch it all!  We get to hear from the leaders of the church!!!! Best thing ever!!

 Love you all tons!!!

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