Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hola! Como están? (Emailed 1/5/2015)

So, I wasn't able to write this last week.  On Christmas I told you all that my companion got chickenpox.  So we didn't end up leaving the house in almost 2 weeks.  I was a bit sad because it was the last 2 weeks of the transfer and I wanted to go visit everyone, but I actually ended up loving my time stuck in the house. My companion pretty much slept almost the whole time so she didn't scratch, and I read and read and read and studied and studied and studied.  By the time we were able to leave, I had been able to learn so much.  I was able to receive so much revelation from the spirit and just be edified so much more.  I guess when you're set apart from the world and put in a house with only the scriptures and church materials to study all day long that happens ;)

When we were finally able to leave the house and visit everyone, there were only 2 days left in the transfer.  We tried to visit as many people as possible, but sadly we weren't able to see everyone. Then on Sunday, we got transfers,  They made us wait until after 8 in the night to receive our transfers.  So stressful!  I am now in Los Mochis again.  It was sooo hard to leave las haciendas in Obregon.  I loved that area soo much and really was hoping for another transfer there.  Everyone figured I'd be going though.  I had a lot of time there already.  Everyone was pretty sad though.  They didnt want me to leave either.  Some tears were shed and lots of hugs and pictures.  I packed my bags quickly and left in the morning.

So now I'm here.  In Los Mochis Sinaloa. In the same ward where I was before, in the exact same area as before, and I'm even sleeping in the exact same bed that I slept in before.  It's funny, because when I left mochis, I was sad, just like always.  Everyone here told me that they wanted me to come back and visit them, and I thought before that I wanted to come back to this area and finish my mission here.  Then in this last transfer I thought how glad I was that we didn't return to our old areas.  Funny how Heavenly Father does things sometimes ;)  I figure I left something here undone and have to find someone else.  Or who knows!  It will be so exciting to find out why I'm here again though!!!

I'm disappointed though because I had a great idea in how to figure out to send pictures again, but I cant get this computer to work!!  So maybe the next week!!  And if not, the next or the next, or maybe in 5 months when I get home ;)

Well I love you all tons!!!  Miss you!!!

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