Sunday, January 18, 2015

Foto Tour de Mexico :) (Emailed 12/8/2014)

Well hi!  How's everyone doing?

So I'm sorry I didnt write last week...  Ran out of time...hahaha ;)  So I figured I'd make up for it this week with 2!  Well, actually because I wanted to send pictures of all my crazy adventures!  We just cant send too many pictures at once, so this will come in 2 different parts.

Meet some of the elders I'm serving with here.  And yes, that would be my arm.  I locked the elders in the church, we took a quick picture, and then we ran off ;)   Dont worry though, they had keys too....

 So my companion and I have had some great adventures on the buses.  This is a picture of us when we accidentally took the bus that went the wrong way to the end of the line.  I figured it would just go in a circle until we got to where we wanted, but no.  It stopped.  We had the great opportunity to get to know the bus driver and the other people on the bus though!  I found it hilarious!  My poor companion was just clueless though ;)  We also have had many more awesome bus stories.  We even sat in the front part of a SUPER packed bus.  ]We're talking where the dashboard is.  So cool!

This is a durado de carne asado.  It's when they take corn tortillas and put them on the grill until they get hard and crispy, pile on the grilled meat, salsa, guacamole, and all sorts of goodie!  Soooo delicious!

Welcome to the streets of Mexico.  This is where I work everyday.  It's about 6:00 in this picture.  Bright colorful houses, dirt, and the moon!  It's pretty cool ;)

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