Sunday, January 18, 2015

¡¡¡¡¡FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!! (Emailed 12/24/2014)

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!  How are you all doing??

I still cant get it into my mind that it really is Christmas tomorrow.  It's so weird to not have a normal concept of time ;)  The mission throws me off.

I am so excited though!  What are your plans for Christmas?   I cant wait to skype!!!! :D

Also, can you all believe that I have been gone for more than a year now?  This is so weird.  It really doesn't feel like I have been away for a year.  I really do miss you guys!  I am having such a great time though!  I have learned soo much!  I have loved being able to look back and see how much I really have learned and changed.  how I have progressed and the way that I think now.  I love my mission!  It really is the best experience! ;)

So I was going to send you some more pictures.  I had some really great ones, but I cant get it to work!  I'll write you all a bit more next week too ;)

I'll see if I can get the part 2 email to send or not.  We'll see.  You wont be receiving all of the pictures I wanted to send, but that's ok.  I love you all tons!!  Miss you!

Espero que disfruten su navidad!  Feliz navidad a todos!  Les amo mucho!!!!

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