Monday, November 10, 2014

Transfers again! (Emailed 10/13/2014)


So, yes, today we did have transfers again!  Pretty exciting! 

This last week has actually been pretty crazy!  Lots of crazy things happening....

So I am happy to say that I get to stay in Haciendas in Obregon.  I like this area a lot and wasnt ready to leave it.  Sadly, my old companion, Hna Hernandez wasnt wanting to leave either, but she did leave.  And today I received my new companion Hermana Garcia!!  She is from Panama and today is her first day in the field.   I'm her new mom!!  ;)  hahahaha!!!  It was pretty funny because I saw President on Saturday and he told me before transfers that I would be training.  Then when I showed up to pick up my companion, we were the only 2 sisters there in a bunch of Elders and it was pretty obvious that we were going to be comps.  This will be fun though!

Everything else has been pretty normal though.  Things slowly keep progressing.  We have been able to find new people to teach and the ones we have are progressing!

Funny story of the week.  Here, theres a dish that's pretty common, called menudo.  It's basically a maiz and cow stomach soup.  This Saturday, we had the opportunity to go to our investigators house with the Elders in the ward, and she gave us menudo to eat.  As we ate, one of the elders began to ask her if the stomach would be able to digest stomach because of the acid and the lining that stomachs have.  Anyways, it was pretty bad... ;)

Anyways, Love you all!!!!!!

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