Monday, November 10, 2014

Is it really November?! (Emailed 11/3/2014)

So, that was a question...  I cant believe that its already November!!  I cant imagine that its probably kind of cold in SLC!  My mind literally cant comprehend it right now...  Almost Christmas season!!  And yes, they're all getting ready for Christmas here too!

So I have to apologize in advance.  I cant figure out how to get the question mark sign to work, and it also keeps switching back and forth from caps lock to normal on its own... 

So this week was actually really good.  We are preparing our investigator named Karen for baptism this week, so hopefully it all goes well!  Shes really great and really excited!  We are actually seeing a lot of success in our area right now.  Working hard for sure!!  This transfer though the work has just started to take off here!!  We always have lots of investigators and lots of people that come to church!  Us sisters are stepping it up here in Haciendas!!!  Hahahaha!!! 

Nothing too exciting happened though.  I did get to go on splits with one of my first companions, Hermana Lindsley, and we had a great time.  We had some pretty powerful lessons this week!  Watching the spirit change peoples hearts and testify to them!!  Also eating a lot of fried sushi and oreo ice cream and pizza.  (That would explain why I have gained weight in the mission...)

Well that's about it for today!!  Don't have too much time!  Love you all tons!!!  Hope you have a great week!!!

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