Monday, November 10, 2014

Almost cold, almost hot

Hi!!!  So this will be just a short little email.  I don't have too much time!

So first of all, Karen's baptism fell through.  Were pulling a lot of strings and whipping a wedding together.  Hopefully by the end of the week she'll be married and confirmed a member!!  Pray for her!!  She's incredible and she needs this!!

Also, I had the most wonderful experience this week!  There were about 3 days where I actually said the words, "I'm cold!"  (in spanish...)  But no worries.  The cold still isnt here - were back to the heat again. 

I also was talking with the elders in our ward and our bishop.  I shocked the bishop when I put a bunch of chiltepines (super spicy peppers) on my food.  Obviously didn't think the American sister would do any of that!  So then the elders and the bishop all told me that I needed to try habenero.  They say it's the spiciest pepper ever!  So the bishop bought me one, and I took a big bite, seed and everything, and it wasn't even that spicy.  The bishop was shocked and impressed.  I didn't realize how much spice i could tolerate.

It has been an interesting week.  I'm getting excited for the Christmas season!  Loving the work!!

Love you all so much!!!

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