Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm soo funny ;)

    Well hi!  How are you all doing?

I hope you've all had a good week and that you're getting ready for Thanksgiving!  Maybe I'll buy some chicken on Thursday.  Anyways, I hope you all eat a bunch of Turkey and desserts for me ;)

So this week has been a good week!  Today is the first day of the new transfer.  But we're staying the same!!  It was funny because this last week has just been so normal, it's been so hard to remember that we were going to have transfers.  We just knew that nothing was going to change with us.  It was pretty funny though because all of the people we're teaching, and the members of the ward were all super nervous for transfers.  Everyone was pretty happy with these transfers!  The only elder that was transferred was my district leader, and he had already had 5 transfers here, so it was obvious that he was leaving.  We are still the only sisters in our district of 10 though!  8 elders, 2 sisters. 

So I love that the holiday season is here.  We've been invited to help put up Christmas trees with some of our investigators, and we have gotten to know some amazing new people.  I am so excited for this new transfer!  I feel like every transfer my areas just get better and better!

We were actually doing the Christmas tree with one family and I started to sing Feliz Navidad, just being silly ;)  When I got to the English part, everyone got silent to listen to the English.  That's when I realized they've never heard someone actually sing that part of the song without an accent!!  So I taught them how it goes.  Soo cute!  "I wanna wish you a merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart" in Mexican accents!  Aww!

This week has been soo funny though!  I dont know if you all remember that I had a sweatshirt that said "I think I'm funny" on the back.  Anyways, I was wearing it and my companion asked me what it says on the back.  So I told her, and now she always laughs at me because she thinks that I just think I'm hilarious.  Which I am.  ;D  This week was definetly filled with jokes and laughter.  My poor companion probably thinks she is stuck with the craziest white girl for another six weeks. 

We're reactivating this Sister.  She's soo cute!!!  This is this last Domingo when we didnt know if we were going or staying...

I might have attacked my companion to give her a makeover for transfers.  I was succesful!  :)

The elders, us, and Eunice.  I still dont understand elders... ;)

Is this not just adorable??  Feliz navidad!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Just... out of the ordinary ;)

Well hi ;)  How are you all doing this week?  I miss you guys!

So as I said in the subject, this week has just been a little different.  It was pretty crazy!  we had to experience lots of rejections and disappointments this week and we were pretty exhausted by the end of each day.  They shut off our water for part of the week and we didn't know why, we had also rented a washing machine from last Monday until today, and when my companion used it, it worked fine, but when I went to wash my clothes this morning, it literally started falling apart and I had to hold it together as I got soaked in soapy laundry water.  We literally went through it all this week.  By Sunday morning, both my companion and I were just kind of exhausted.  None of our investigators went to church, more rejection and more hard times.

Sunday night our district leader called us and asked us what happened to us this week.  He asked us what we think we could do different this week to make up for the last week we had.  My companion and I just kind of sat there thinking, "What haven't we tried this week? We were giving it our all and everything just went downhill on its own!  This wasn't our fault!"  As we thought about what we could do better, I realized something.  Maybe we had been working hard and we had decided to be super obedient and hard working this week, but yes we can improve.  More than that though, is that this is our test.  If we decide that we are going to give it our all and be the best we can, we cant just expect blessings immediately.  The point of this life is to progress.  If we make the decision to be obedient, the trials are going to come, and they will be hard.  And they will keep coming and coming so that we can learn to stick it out to the end. If we want to be obedient, we have to keep being obedient and exercise our faith, even when we cant see the blessings or the end of the hard times.

That's what life is all about.  Its a test to see if we will be faithful through it all.  So even though this week was a bit different than the rest, were not giving up.  Better yet, were going to put forth more of an effort and stick this out as long as we need to.  The blessings will come, we just have to suffer a bit first.

Anyways,  Just to end with a bit of humor, we decided to give our hands a break from washing by hand, and we rented a laundry machine.  my companion used it last Monday, and I was going to use it this Monday.  It worked fine when my comp used it, but when I tried to wash my clothes, it literally started fling apart and I literally had to hold it together.  By the end, i just gave up.  I was soaked, covered in soap and dirt, and a complete mess.  Also, the house were in might be the only house with a toaster and a toaster oven in the whole mission.  This is soooo rare in Mexico!!  So i have enjoyed eating actual toast, and this morning I made......BROWNIES!!!

Ok, love you all tons!!!  Gotta go now!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Almost cold, almost hot

Hi!!!  So this will be just a short little email.  I don't have too much time!

So first of all, Karen's baptism fell through.  Were pulling a lot of strings and whipping a wedding together.  Hopefully by the end of the week she'll be married and confirmed a member!!  Pray for her!!  She's incredible and she needs this!!

Also, I had the most wonderful experience this week!  There were about 3 days where I actually said the words, "I'm cold!"  (in spanish...)  But no worries.  The cold still isnt here - were back to the heat again. 

I also was talking with the elders in our ward and our bishop.  I shocked the bishop when I put a bunch of chiltepines (super spicy peppers) on my food.  Obviously didn't think the American sister would do any of that!  So then the elders and the bishop all told me that I needed to try habenero.  They say it's the spiciest pepper ever!  So the bishop bought me one, and I took a big bite, seed and everything, and it wasn't even that spicy.  The bishop was shocked and impressed.  I didn't realize how much spice i could tolerate.

It has been an interesting week.  I'm getting excited for the Christmas season!  Loving the work!!

Love you all so much!!!

Is it really November?! (Emailed 11/3/2014)

So, that was a question...  I cant believe that its already November!!  I cant imagine that its probably kind of cold in SLC!  My mind literally cant comprehend it right now...  Almost Christmas season!!  And yes, they're all getting ready for Christmas here too!

So I have to apologize in advance.  I cant figure out how to get the question mark sign to work, and it also keeps switching back and forth from caps lock to normal on its own... 

So this week was actually really good.  We are preparing our investigator named Karen for baptism this week, so hopefully it all goes well!  Shes really great and really excited!  We are actually seeing a lot of success in our area right now.  Working hard for sure!!  This transfer though the work has just started to take off here!!  We always have lots of investigators and lots of people that come to church!  Us sisters are stepping it up here in Haciendas!!!  Hahahaha!!! 

Nothing too exciting happened though.  I did get to go on splits with one of my first companions, Hermana Lindsley, and we had a great time.  We had some pretty powerful lessons this week!  Watching the spirit change peoples hearts and testify to them!!  Also eating a lot of fried sushi and oreo ice cream and pizza.  (That would explain why I have gained weight in the mission...)

Well that's about it for today!!  Don't have too much time!  Love you all tons!!!  Hope you have a great week!!!

Hola! (Emailed 10/27/2014)


Well, here's some pictures from my birthday.  Just for fun!  Anyways, it was a good week!  I'm more excited for this week that's coming though.  That's why this is just a little shorter.  Love you all soooo much!!

I'm so old! (Emailed 10/20/2014)

I feel soo old!!!  This past week I completed 10 months in my mission, and Wednesday, I complete 20 years of life!!  What???  When did I get soo old??? ;)

It really is kind of weird though!  So many of the missionaries that were here when I got here, that were my friends and all that, are now home!!  And I'm almost home!!  I dont know any of these new people here!!  Hahaha!!

I got my package for my birthday!!!!  Thank you all soo much!!!  I really do love it and appreciate it!!!  Love all of you so much!  Thanks for the package and the gifts and the cards!!  So exciting!!

This week has been a pretty good week!  My companion is just getting to know the area and life as a missionary in general, but shes soo cute!!  I didn't have my camera this week though, so I don't have any pictures.  But we've been working hard and doing a lot together.  Always having a blast!!  I am trying to get my companion to try all of the foods here.  Shes not too interested in brain tacos, but were going to go for dogos (Sonora hot dogs) tonight. ;)  haha!!

Were starting to really see a lot of progress here though!  We had a really good week.  A pretty great 1st week for my companion, that's for sure!!  Lots of crazy experiences this week too.  Hahahaha!!!  I just laugh my head off because all of these crazy things that always happen to us is just normal to me now, but my companion is sooo not used to it yet.  Pretty funny to watch her adjust to Mexico!

Well, I really love this Ward and this ├írea!  We have some of the most amazing investigators and I love them soo much!!!

I hope everyone has an amazing week!!  Do something exciting on Wednesday!!  Its my birthday!!  Have fun!!!!

Love you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!

Transfers again! (Emailed 10/13/2014)


So, yes, today we did have transfers again!  Pretty exciting! 

This last week has actually been pretty crazy!  Lots of crazy things happening....

So I am happy to say that I get to stay in Haciendas in Obregon.  I like this area a lot and wasnt ready to leave it.  Sadly, my old companion, Hna Hernandez wasnt wanting to leave either, but she did leave.  And today I received my new companion Hermana Garcia!!  She is from Panama and today is her first day in the field.   I'm her new mom!!  ;)  hahahaha!!!  It was pretty funny because I saw President on Saturday and he told me before transfers that I would be training.  Then when I showed up to pick up my companion, we were the only 2 sisters there in a bunch of Elders and it was pretty obvious that we were going to be comps.  This will be fun though!

Everything else has been pretty normal though.  Things slowly keep progressing.  We have been able to find new people to teach and the ones we have are progressing!

Funny story of the week.  Here, theres a dish that's pretty common, called menudo.  It's basically a maiz and cow stomach soup.  This Saturday, we had the opportunity to go to our investigators house with the Elders in the ward, and she gave us menudo to eat.  As we ate, one of the elders began to ask her if the stomach would be able to digest stomach because of the acid and the lining that stomachs have.  Anyways, it was pretty bad... ;)

Anyways, Love you all!!!!!!