Monday, October 6, 2014


Hola hola hola!!!

So I hope you all liked conference as much as I did!!!  Or that you were all able to see it!  I absolutely loved this conference!!  So good!  And even better, they decided to show it in English for the missionaries, so I got to watch it in English.  And when the speakers spoke in Spanish, we snuck over to watch it in Spanish too.  That was such an awesome experience!!!  I learned a lot and loved so many of the talks this time!!!  Cant wait to get the Liahona to read it all again!

Nothing too exciting has happened this week.  No disgusting foods that I can remember :)  Just lots of fun experiences!!  Actually, today, I got to take my companion to the lake here!  That's the big thing of Obregon, and she had never gone.  It was pretty cool.  We ate Obispos, which is kind of like a snow cone, with real fruit, sweetened condensed milk, and topped with ice cream.  It's pretty good ;)  Then we went for lunch with the elders.  it was funny because one of the elders told me to pour some hot sauce in my broth that I had and drink it.  Without hesitation, I dumped a bunch in and downed it.  He was completely shocked.  Then continued to have me try different salsas and chiles plain to see how much I could eat.  He gave up before I did ;)  I shock everyone when I eat super spicy things like it's nothing ;) hahaha!

So cute story of the week.  We're teaching this family that has a son that's 3 years old.  The mom has been inactive and has started teaching him to pray and praying with him.  When we went and visited them this week, he got super excited for the prayer and shouted all giggly because we were going to pray.  He sat there with his eyes closed and head bowed and after his mom said something, he would whisper, "si!" or repeat the last part of what she said, trying to listen to everything that his mom prayed for.  Then at the end said amen in the cutest way possible.  This family is the most amazing family though!  They're excited for the gospel and want to do everything possible to be there.  The wife prayed for a job, and found one and was hired the next day, and told us it was a blessing from God.  Then she found out she was going to have to work Sundays and went and told her boss that she's a member of this church and was just starting to reactivate and wanted to be able to take Sundays off to go.  She told us she was super nervous to ask her new boss, but that she impressed her boss so much, that he gave her Sundays off.  They want to be sealed in the temple and everything.  Soo beautiful!!!

Anyways, love you all tons!!!!!!!  Have a good week!!!!!!

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