Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What's in these tacos again??

Hola!!!!  How are you all doing??  Hoping that you're all doing well!!

This week was a pretty exciting week.  I had lots of fun!! 

So we're teaching an investigator that I absolutely love!  Actually, we were just getting to know her, and haven't even taught her the first lesson.  But we went to her house, and out of the blue, she told us that she wants to go to our church.  That she already has it planned for this next Sunday, and that all of her family already knows that she's going to go with us.  Golden!!!!  I love her though!!! She's in love with my blond hair and blue eyes, so it's pretty funny.

We also had a pretty awesome Saturday!  We broke the record in the mission for numbers of tours.  24 in total.  It is an amazing way to contact people though!  We found a lot of new people to teach, and a few of them said then and there that they knew that this is true and want to be baptized.  Cooool experiences!!!  Its all in the the limonada! ;)

Also, we ate some pretty interesting tacos this week...  Eye tacos, brain tacos, and a combination of who knows what else...  The elders were too chicken to try it, but my companion and I made it through and we didn't even throw up!!  ;)  Not the best experience...  but now I can say I did it!!  YOLO.... .:/

Anyways...  it was a good week :) 

Love you all tons!!!!!!

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