Sunday, September 28, 2014

9 Months... (Emailed 9/22/2014)

Hi everyone!!!  How are you all doing??

So this week was pretty good!!  I still cant believe that the time has gone so fast.  This Thursday I hit 9 months in the mission.  The halfway point.  I am now officially and sadly, on my way home.  I was talking with the Elders in my district today and I only have 5 transfers left...  Pretty scary!!  ;)  Actually, 2 of the elders in the district go home the next transfer, and then after them, is me going home before all of these other elders in my district!!  When did I become so old in the mission!!! 

I do have to say though.  I love this area here!!  It's super hot and there's not many trees here, and it's not too pretty, but I am loving it!  I love it that I can get to know these people here!  This week we have been working a lot with some families that had been inactive in the church.  We started working with them and with their non member family members.  We found some amazing new investigators that are golden.  We have really enjoyed working with them, trying to get the whole family back into the church.

There's actually one family here that were teaching.  The wife is a member and has 23 years, and her husband is 21.  They have a 3 year old son that I adore!! We're definitely good friends ;)  Anyways, Magui, the member, is amazing.  She told us that when we first came, it was like she was receiving a second chance and that everything we talk about is exactly what she needs to hear in that moment.  She is doing everything she can to be active in the church again, and wants her husband to have the gospel in his life too.  And Pablo, the husband, is super interested in the church and wants this too!!!  Love this family!!

We're teaching a lot of other great people too!  Too bad I dont have enough time to just tell you all about them!!  I love teaching and getting to know these people!  I also get to be friends with all the little children here!  My companion always laughs at me because when we go to visit someone, the children and the dogs always are super excited to see me and want attention from me the entire time.  It's all about the kids and the animals for me ;)  Nah, es Broma!

We have had some pretty great experiences here.  We have seen the hand of the Lord guiding us in His work everyday. We are becoming stronger as missionaries and we are seeing the miracles of the Lord.  This really is the most important work!!

Love you all tons!!!!
Hermana Skeen :)

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