Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What's in these tacos again??

Hola!!!!  How are you all doing??  Hoping that you're all doing well!!

This week was a pretty exciting week.  I had lots of fun!! 

So we're teaching an investigator that I absolutely love!  Actually, we were just getting to know her, and haven't even taught her the first lesson.  But we went to her house, and out of the blue, she told us that she wants to go to our church.  That she already has it planned for this next Sunday, and that all of her family already knows that she's going to go with us.  Golden!!!!  I love her though!!! She's in love with my blond hair and blue eyes, so it's pretty funny.

We also had a pretty awesome Saturday!  We broke the record in the mission for numbers of tours.  24 in total.  It is an amazing way to contact people though!  We found a lot of new people to teach, and a few of them said then and there that they knew that this is true and want to be baptized.  Cooool experiences!!!  Its all in the the limonada! ;)

Also, we ate some pretty interesting tacos this week...  Eye tacos, brain tacos, and a combination of who knows what else...  The elders were too chicken to try it, but my companion and I made it through and we didn't even throw up!!  ;)  Not the best experience...  but now I can say I did it!!  YOLO.... .:/

Anyways...  it was a good week :) 

Love you all tons!!!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

9 Months... (Emailed 9/22/2014)

Hi everyone!!!  How are you all doing??

So this week was pretty good!!  I still cant believe that the time has gone so fast.  This Thursday I hit 9 months in the mission.  The halfway point.  I am now officially and sadly, on my way home.  I was talking with the Elders in my district today and I only have 5 transfers left...  Pretty scary!!  ;)  Actually, 2 of the elders in the district go home the next transfer, and then after them, is me going home before all of these other elders in my district!!  When did I become so old in the mission!!! 

I do have to say though.  I love this area here!!  It's super hot and there's not many trees here, and it's not too pretty, but I am loving it!  I love it that I can get to know these people here!  This week we have been working a lot with some families that had been inactive in the church.  We started working with them and with their non member family members.  We found some amazing new investigators that are golden.  We have really enjoyed working with them, trying to get the whole family back into the church.

There's actually one family here that were teaching.  The wife is a member and has 23 years, and her husband is 21.  They have a 3 year old son that I adore!! We're definitely good friends ;)  Anyways, Magui, the member, is amazing.  She told us that when we first came, it was like she was receiving a second chance and that everything we talk about is exactly what she needs to hear in that moment.  She is doing everything she can to be active in the church again, and wants her husband to have the gospel in his life too.  And Pablo, the husband, is super interested in the church and wants this too!!!  Love this family!!

We're teaching a lot of other great people too!  Too bad I dont have enough time to just tell you all about them!!  I love teaching and getting to know these people!  I also get to be friends with all the little children here!  My companion always laughs at me because when we go to visit someone, the children and the dogs always are super excited to see me and want attention from me the entire time.  It's all about the kids and the animals for me ;)  Nah, es Broma!

We have had some pretty great experiences here.  We have seen the hand of the Lord guiding us in His work everyday. We are becoming stronger as missionaries and we are seeing the miracles of the Lord.  This really is the most important work!!

Love you all tons!!!!
Hermana Skeen :)

15 de Septiembre!!! (Emailed 9/15/2014...obviously!)

Feliz 15 de Septiembre a todos!!!!   (or happy Mexican 4 of July!!!!!)

Yup!!  Today is a great holiday here!!!  So far nothing exciting has happened.  I was actually really excited because it's P-day and it's a holiday, but nothing out of the normal.

It has been raining all day long though.  Lots of rain and flooded streets.  It is so nice!

I actually don't have any time left.  I was going to send pictures and write a lot more, but it will have to wait until next week

 Love you all tons!!!

News from Obregon (Emailed 9/8/2014)

Hey everyone!!  How are you all?

Ok, well lot's of different things happened this week.
So the sister that was baptized this week is a very interesting story.  She's fairly old, doesnt read or write and was never educated.   Her mom wasnt too nice to her all of her life and she never learned anything about religion.  She has grown to love the church and has been acting completely on her faith.  She has a problem though.  on each of her legs, she has these realy bad open wounds.  And they are big and really bad.  Have you seen the move about John Tanner?  They look like those wounds.  And they're from having way too many varicose veins.  It's pretty bad.  Anyways, we watched the John Tanner movie with her this tuesday.  That's when she accepted to be baptized.  Anyways, the spirit was super strong.  She listened intently to everything we were saying and I had scriptures and different stories popping into my mind, we were compelety guided by the spirit.  It was really great.  We also saw how powerful Satan can be too.  Everytime we were at a really spiritual part of the lesson, something would happen.  One of her sons would pass by or someone would drive by selling something or any sort of distraction.  But it was a great lesson and we didn't let anything get in the way.

Then saturday morning, we had tours in the church.  We made limonada and the elders had a sign and went out in the street trying to attract the cars and the people walking by.  Pretty hilarious!!  We had success though!!  Then afterwards, we had the baptism.  We were panicking a bit because obviously Maria Jesus cant walk very much with her legs, and she lives really far from the church.  We couldnt find a ride for her and we were running out of time.  it was almost 2 and we didnt have much money to call a taxi for her and didnt know what to do.  Then we received a miracle phone call from a member who had happened to pass by the house of Maria jesus and called us to ask if she should give her a ride to the church!  Time and time again I have witnessed little miracles like that.  Where imediately our prayers are answered and everything works out.

Anyways, sunday she was confirmed, and we had the fast and testimony meeting. 
It's pretty funny here though because everyone asks me how much time I have in the mission and I tell them or even when I'm just speaking with them.  They're all shocked and say that wow!  I speak spanish already!!  Then they laugh and say that they cant speak about me now.  makes me wonder if the people in my first area talked about me and I didnt understand.  But I guess this means that my spanish is pretty good.....  But I think it's just because I'm the first american sister, and the only american elders that have been in the ward recently were newish and didnt speak spanish...

Anyways...  Today has been pretty good.  It's funny because when I was in Guasave, there were only 6 missionaries total in the city so on mondays we didnt really get together.  now that I'm here in Obregon, Mondays are super different!  We got together as a district today and played soccer and ate pizza and talked.  Then afterwards other missionaries called us and a whole bunch of us met up at dairy queen and had a blast.  Hermana Mendez was there too!!  So I got to see her!!!

Ok, well love you all tons!!!  Have a good week!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Changing, Changing, Changing

Hola!!   How's it going for you all?

Things for me are going good :)  First of all  - I apologize in advance if this letter is a little bit harder to read or understand.  This keyboard and computer isn't exactly the best and it has been doing it's own thing here and there, making it very difficult to type.   But hey!  that's life !  ;)

So,  as you might have guessed, we had changes this week!!  I honestly cant believe that this last change has already ended!   I don't know what happened to that month! 

So they have changed me out of Guasave!  Actually, out of Sinaloa completely!  I am back in Obregon, Sonora!  I am a bit sad  to be leaving.   I was really loving the members there and our investigators and everything!  But at least there aren't mosquitoes here like there were there!  Only cockroaches...

It's so crazy though how much everything changes!   I've been thinking about that a lot lately.  I've changed cities and areas completely. I've changed companions now too.   But what has really impacted me is the changes that I have seen in the people that I was teaching.  Watching them start to change their lives in little ways, and in big ways.  Changing their perspectives on life and their way of living.  Watching them learn and grow in the gospel and seeing how  much the gospel can change a person and the happiness that the truth has brought into their lives.   Watching the atonement of Jesus Christ change someone is incredible.

Even more than that though, is being able to look at me and see how much I have changed.  I was thinking about that a lot this week , and this transfer.  Since I had the opportunity to train someone new, I was able to see a lot of similarities that we had when we both started our missions, and then see how much I have grown since then.  all the  ways that I have changed. 

Well, I have to go now, but I love you all tons!!!!!!  Have a good week!!!

Inez!!! (Emailed 8/25/2014)

Hola!!!  How are you all doing??  So, yeah, this week was pretty good!!  Inez finally was baptized!  It was actually a pretty crazy week!

Wednesday, President Munive came down to Guasave to have interviews with our district.  We were supposed to have our interviews at 9 in the morning, and then at 10 we were going to give a tour to Inez and her daughter Eva.  Eva hasn't been to church yet because she works, but she really wants to. So we were going to show her around and also show Inez how her baptism was going to be on Thursday, then after, our district leader was going to interview Inez for her baptism.  President ended up late, then took for ever with all of the interviews.  So we gave our tour while waiting for our interviews.  It went soo great though!!!  The spirit was so strong!!  Eva had chills and kept saying that she wished she could be baptized the next day with her mom.

Then Thursday morning, the elders went to fill the font.  We stopped by and they told us that there wasn't any water in the church, and that they were going to have to fill the font by hand.  And that font is not small....  So they borrowed the hose from the neighbor and started filling it from the window, but it was hardly any water.  My companion and I went to all of our investigators and the members that lived nearby and asked for buckets so that we could borrow water from across the street and fill the font with buckets.  It was soo crazy!  6 of us missionaries all working together to hurry and fill the font by hand for the baptisms that night.  It was literally a miracle that we were able to pull off that baptism and have everything ready by that evening! 
Then Inez showed up with her daughter and her grandson.  We have been teaching Inez, and her daughter, as well as her son and daughter in law and their family.  Inez was really worried though, because her son is always working and she didn't think anyone else in her family was going to come, only her daughter Eva.  We had told Inez though to pray and have faith that all of her family can be there the day of her baptism.  We started the service, and still not all of her family was there, but before the service had ended, all of her family had shown up.  That is a miracle for sure.  I have never seen Inez so happy.  And then Sunday, Inez was confirmed, and for the first time, went to church in a dress!  She didn't have a dress to wear, and spent the night before sewing something to wear to church the next day!!!  It really is amazing!!

I am also suffering from hundreds of mosquito and ant bites.  Since it has been raining so much here, and they don't have street drains really, there are just "lakes" of water everywhere, and that means more mosquitoes.  We also had the lovely opportunity to teach a lesson outside with thousands of ants this week.  Were talking ant bites on my legs, arms, hands, feet, everywhere!!!  hahaha!  :)

I did go to Guamuchil for a day on divisions.  That was fun.  Really just spent most of the time cleaning the chapel with all the missionaries in Guamuchil.

Well, that's really all the exciting news of this week!  I'll end with some quotes though ;)

"Voy a reir!  Voy a bailar! Vivir mi vida lalalala!"  (Proof of my growing love for mexi music!  I'm def. going to listen to the mexican radio stations they have there in utah! ;)

"Jesus, who suffered the most, has the most compassion for all of us who suffer so much less"  -Elder David A Bednar
Just take a minute and think about that and His love for us.

Love you all!!!