Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 1 as a mom ;) (Emailed 7/28/2014)

Hahaha!!!  Ok, I love putting little funny titles in the subject line.  Ellyse already knows that....But yeah!

How are you all doing?  Sorry I didn't write a letter last week!  I got too busy.  What happened is the mission president is now requiring all the Spanish speaking missionaries to write him in English every week, so of course that meant I was helping my companion and my zone leader write their letters in English.  :)  That was pretty funny! 

But yes, this past week we had transfers and I received my first hija!!  As in I'm training another missionary.  Her name is Hna Rojas.  We are going to work super hard in this area.  This is only her 2 transfer and it's her 2nd area.  There's a lot of work to do here, but we're both excited to get to work and make some progress here.  We are also going to work a lot with her English.  By the end of her mission, I want her to be fluent! ;) Bahaha!

It's a really different change though!  This last transfer, my companion was getting everything ready to go home and was really focused on the end of her mission.  This transfer, my companion is just starting out and has a lot of energy to work.  That's good though, because I want to work a lot.  There's still a lot to learn though.  It's hard at times to train, but it's good!

This has been an interesting week for sure though.  I started off the week in the emergency room again.  But I'm already better!!  I drank some sort of "magic tea" from a member here who really takes care of me, and since then, I haven't had any issues.  So that was exciting! 

We also tried to contact some members who aren't active and also some people in the area book, but...there aren't addresses on anything.  Sometimes I'm lucky and they have written the name of the street and  even better to look for a white house or something....  But the truth is, we're not having too much luck with that.

I remember one time we received a reference from a member who told us to look for the house that has a white car parked in front of it sometimes and that there's a neighborhood dog there in the street.  :D  Hahaha!!  Oh, the life of a missionary!!

I love it here though!  Sometimes I'll just be walking down the street or sitting in a bus or just talking to someone and I am just over come with an immense love for these people here and the culture and Mexico!  I just love these people so much that I start crying sometimes!  I'm so happy that I was sent to this part of the world to preach the gospel and help others.  I just want to help them!  They are such a special people!  Just sitting here writing, I just cant help but think how happy I am.  Sincerly happy!  And I'm out in the sun all day, sweating, walking for miles, looking for houses and people that arent there, and happier than you can imagine!

It's funny because at times I think about when I'll go home and how I miss America :)  But I don't actually want to leave this!  I don't even want to leave this area and this ward!  The members here are so special!!

Today, I actually bought something super cool!!  I bought leggings that say Mexico all over them and they're all red white and green!  Bien padres!!!  Bajaja!!!

Ok, well this week I actually attached fotos!!!  Enjoy!!!

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