Monday, August 11, 2014

Crazy Week!!! (Emailed 7/14/2014)

Hey everyone!!  I hope you're all good!!!

So this week has been crazy!!  I has rained a lot!  And we're talking dirt roads, no drainage system, full on flood rains!  :)  It was awesome!!  It makes it really hard to walk everywhere and all that.  We have to carefully navigate our way across lakes that used to be streets.  I love it though!!

Wednesday was really great too though!  Elder Valenzuela, the second counselor in the area presidency came and spoke to us.  I got to go up to Mochis and see everyone!!  It was great!!  Really spiritual and uplifting.  Now we're all super motivated to work really hard!!  ;)  Then afterwards, Elder Valenzuela asked to have an interview with me.  That was pretty cool.

The rest of the week has been pretty normal though!  We're teaching some great people here!  It's been really cool!

Anyways, just loving life here!!
Love you all

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