Monday, August 11, 2014

Bueno bueno bueno! (Emailed 8/4/2014)

Hola!  How's everyone doing?  I hope everyone's fine!!!

So this week has been pretty good!  We were able to work a lot this week.  We have contacted many people and have lots of new people to start teaching!  It seems like were really starting to get this area and this ward going again!

It really is so fun to be a missionary!  you should all be jealous!!  I'm spreading the gospel, helping people, bringing people to Christ, testifying daily, learning a new language, eating a lot of Mexican food, walking a lot, sweating, smiling, laughing, not worrying about the world, and currently, I'm sitting in a cyber and it just started pouring rain!!!  Like, a lot!  Already started flooding in the streets!  That makes me happy!!  I don't actually know how we're going to make it to our appointments tonight, but, it's all good!!  Wow!!  I wish you could all see this rain!!!!

Anyways...  This week has had some pretty crazy moments, that's for sure!!  I actually was pretty much surviving on 10 pesos these past 2 weeks.  That's the equivalent of 1 dollar.  I ran out of money this last week, and we dont get money until the first day of the week, and we didnt have the time to go to the bank during the week, until today!  Sooo I am definitely learning how to survive being poor!  Preparing myself for my college days...  :)

As well as all of these crazy moments, I have been blessed to see all of these little tender mercies of the Lord.  Like when our set appointments fell through, only to have us meet some amazing person that we can teach or completely relying on the spirit to understand someones personal needs and be able to share what they need to hear.   I really do love being a missionary!  Living for all of these small moments of being able to help these people!!   It's the best!!

Well,  I love you all and cant wait to hear from you!!!  Miss you!!!!

Hermana Skeen

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