Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My visit to Mochis!!! (Emailed 6/23/2014)

So, yes.  I did get to go to Mochis this last week.  I love that city and the people there soo much!!!  Too bad I had to go there for other reasons, not just to visit.

This past week I had been working, but I still wasn't feeling good.  After a week straight of not feeling good, the president told me that I had to go to Mochis to go to the hospital there.  Yes I love Mochis, but I dont really want to go to the hospital there...  Anyways, I went, and they took a few tests, then made me stay and wait for the results.  The next day I returned and they told me that I have dengue!!  So ever since then, I haven't been allowed to be out in the sun or walking, and I had to return again this morning for them to monitor me and my blood tests.  So, lots of fun there.  Actually, that means that I have lots of funny stories!  The mexico experience, that's for sure!!!  But don't worry.  I wrote them all down and I'm saving them for when I get home to tell you all about it!!   Lot's of fun!!!

Well, I hope you're all doing good!!  Can't wait to hear from you!!  Sorry that this letter is kind of boring, but I really didn't get to do much this week.

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