Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cambios Especiales (Emailed 6/30/2014)

Yup!  So this week, I had special changes.  I'm back in Obregon to be close to the President until I'm healthy enough again to go back to work.

The good thing is, I don't have dengue!  They just dont know what I have.  I'm good though!  No worries :)

It's soo hot here in Obregon!!!  I miss Sinaloa!!!  We'll see what happens though!!!  I did just make history though!!  I am the first American sister to be companions with another American sister in this mission.  My new companion is Hermana Weeks and she's from Los Angeles California!  :)  We are the first and the only American sister companions.  And our new area is...the hospital.  BROMA - translation - Just kidding!!!  Hahahaha!!!

Anyways.  Hope you're all doing well!!!  Have a good week!!!

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