Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer storms, Independence day, Guasave!

That is the week in 5 words -  just in case you were wondering.  Actually, I should have put doctors and IVs and needles in there too, but that was more negative sounding ;)  And anyways, I am back in Guasave, so there's no more hospital to go to anymore!! :)

I love the summer rainstorms here though!!  I was in Obregon, and it doesnt rain too much there, but when it does, it rains like no other!!  We're talking full on flooding the streets kind of rain.  I was siting in the mission offices, and all we could hear was crazy wind.  Then the power went out for a few minutes.  I open the door, and it had just barely started to rain.  10 minutes later, we couldnt even leave because of all the crazy rain!!  I loved it!  The next few nights, we just sat outside on the porch there and watched it rain.  The coolest part though was the thunder and the LIGHTNING!!!  The sky was constantly lit up with lightning!  More lightning than I have ever seen in my life!!!  I loved it!!  All of the other missionaries were a bit annoyed with it there, because they had to be out in the rain at times, and then the next mornings it's always really hot and it evaporates, so it's just like walking through steam.  It was really cool though!!

I hope you all had a good 4th!!  I spent my day in obregon in the hospital, then we went out and street contacted a bunch of people because we didnt want to go back to the house, and then back to the hospital again.  The street contacting was really great!!  That's one of my favorite things to do, and we just had all the time in the world to go talk with everyone we saw.  We found a few people who are just completely golden, too bad that I wont be able to teach them!  That night we were waiting to hear if we would be headed back to Sinaloa, but no one answered us.  Until the next morning, when we received a text from the president sayning that we would be leaving in 30 minutes.  Good thing I never actually unpacked any of my things in Obregon!  So I'm back here in Guasave, with my old companion.  it's pretty crazy though, because she leaves for her house in 2 weeks now, and just got her itinerary (Sorry if that's spelled wrong). 

I cant believe it though!!  That means that this is the second to last week in this transfer!!  That's crazy!!  I feel like I have hardly got to experience this transfer!!  Crazy!!!  I'm excited though!!  I love being a missionary soo much!!  I love the mission field!  l love being in Mexico so much and all of these people here!!!  I was thinking about that a lot with all the street contacting we did and all the driving through all the different cities here on my way back down to Guasave.  I love it here so much!  I just makes me so happy!   I'm hoping to live these next two weeks with my companion to the fullest!! 

This Wednesday, actually, we are getting a visit from Elder Valenzuela from the 70.  So we will be in a meeting all morning with him.  It's pretty exciting!!

That's pretty much it though!!  I did learn today, that I cant take a shower while my companion washes the dishes...  That was fun!

Anyways, Love you all soo much!!!!  Miss you all and cant wait to hear from you guys!!

Cambios Especiales (Emailed 6/30/2014)

Yup!  So this week, I had special changes.  I'm back in Obregon to be close to the President until I'm healthy enough again to go back to work.

The good thing is, I don't have dengue!  They just dont know what I have.  I'm good though!  No worries :)

It's soo hot here in Obregon!!!  I miss Sinaloa!!!  We'll see what happens though!!!  I did just make history though!!  I am the first American sister to be companions with another American sister in this mission.  My new companion is Hermana Weeks and she's from Los Angeles California!  :)  We are the first and the only American sister companions.  And our new area is...the hospital.  BROMA - translation - Just kidding!!!  Hahahaha!!!

Anyways.  Hope you're all doing well!!!  Have a good week!!!

My visit to Mochis!!! (Emailed 6/23/2014)

So, yes.  I did get to go to Mochis this last week.  I love that city and the people there soo much!!!  Too bad I had to go there for other reasons, not just to visit.

This past week I had been working, but I still wasn't feeling good.  After a week straight of not feeling good, the president told me that I had to go to Mochis to go to the hospital there.  Yes I love Mochis, but I dont really want to go to the hospital there...  Anyways, I went, and they took a few tests, then made me stay and wait for the results.  The next day I returned and they told me that I have dengue!!  So ever since then, I haven't been allowed to be out in the sun or walking, and I had to return again this morning for them to monitor me and my blood tests.  So, lots of fun there.  Actually, that means that I have lots of funny stories!  The mexico experience, that's for sure!!!  But don't worry.  I wrote them all down and I'm saving them for when I get home to tell you all about it!!   Lot's of fun!!!

Well, I hope you're all doing good!!  Can't wait to hear from you!!  Sorry that this letter is kind of boring, but I really didn't get to do much this week.

Just a short Hola! (Emailed 6/16/2014)


I hope everyone is doing well!!!  I'm still here in Mexico!  In Guasave to be exact :)

It's pretty great here!!  The people are really great!!  I love this ├írea and I'm excited to be working here!!  Sadly, this week we didn't get the chance to work very much.  I spent most of the week asleep in bed.  Yup...  On Wednesday I woke up feeling a bit icky, and by the end of the day I wasn't in the best shape.  I was even worse on Thursday!  Still not exactly sure what I have, but today I recovered enough to be up and out and I was able to eat a bit more too, so that's a good sign!!  It's been a fun experience though, that's for sure...  And I guess if I'm not completely better by thursday, they're going to make me go to the hospital :)  It's all good though!!  I'm improving and I dont think I'll be going anywhere, so no worries!!

That pretty much sums up my week though!  I wasn't able to meet very many people here or do very much, so there's not too much to tell. But I'll try to have some pretty good stories for next week!!

Well, love you all tons!!  Miss you!