Friday, June 13, 2014

Well... That was a shock!

Ok... :)  Yup that pretty much describes this past week!  In a good way for sure, but still!!

So just to catch you all up since I couldn't email this last week...ok, I don't even know where to start!  This week has been crazy!  I've experienced some pretty crazy things here in Mexico.  Debating what I should and shouldn't include in my email ;)  Bajajaja!!

I guess I'll just stick with the basics for now ;)  So two weeks ago, we were preparing a youth for her baptism.  She's 13 and has been going to church a lot.  Every lesson we taught her, she had already studied the pamphlets that we gave her and her scriptures were already marked.  Her brother was also going to church with her and loved it but also wanted to test out another church and was just crazy :)  But they were the only ones in their family that had an interest.  Her baptism was scheduled for the 7 and she was just waiting for her dad to get home for her baptism.  Her mom was even really excited for her baptism.  So Monday night, we get a call from a member.  He told us that our investigator's dad had returned, but told her that she could be baptized until she knew what she wanted.  But then the member continued to tell us that her older brother who had been going to church had prayed specifically for an answer and had received it and wanted to be baptized that week.  So he was!!!  It was the most perfect baptism ever though!!  It all went flawless, he was sooo happy, and he wanted to let everyone know how happy this made him!  After the baptism, he told me that his baptism was incredibly special.  He's also been praying for his sister that she will be able to be baptized as well, and all of his family!  Then in church, all of his family actually came to church!  When I first met this family, the dad was drinking and smoking like crazy.  The mom didn't want anything to do with us, the three kids were just sad and always arguing with each other, and just unhappy!  Then we went to their house on Sunday and they were all soo happy!!  I have loved watching the entire household completely change!!!  Then, Lesly, Sebastians sister who was originally going to be baptized, told us that she had permision to be baptized in July!!  And her brother's going to baptize her!!  Then their dad told us that he was going to give up drinking and smoking to be baptized by December!!!!!  They were happier than ever!!!  Sebastian's prayers are being answered!!!  So amazing!!  And he is already preparing for a mission!!!!!

But...I'm no longer in Mochis.  I loved Los Mochis with all of my heart!!  A bit sad to be leaving that ward already and to leave my investigators, but everything happens for a reason!  I just keep going further south though!  I'm in Guasave!  There have only been 2 other sisters in Guasave.  The only other time there were sisters allowed to serve here was about 20 years ago.  It's really small here! Only 1 ward in the whole city, and only 1 other companionship.  Otherwise, it's pretty similar to Mochis!  My companion is Hermana Rodriguez!  She is super cute and laughs just as much as I do!!  I'm her last companion in the mission though, so this will be really fun!  She's too cute!  She was companions with my companion from the MTC, Hermana Cook, and they were super funny together, so I'm excited!!

I'm also super happy that I get to spend this transfer in the very south part of the mission.  It's not as hot here!  It's still in the hundreds... But in Obregon its 115-120, so it could be worse!!!

Well gotta go now.  Love you all tons!!  Miss you all!