Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Livin' the life in Mochis!

Hola everyone!!!

So, can I just say, I love it here in Mochis!!  There's actually trees here!!  Not too many, but there's trees!!  It's a lot prettier than Obregon!

I love this transfer though!  I have the cutest companion, and the best sisters in my district.  The only elders in my district are the district leader and his companion, so it's really just a bunch of giggly sister missionaries having a blast!!  We're all in the ward Anahuac, so it's pretty fun! 

So my area is a whole lot of nothing though!  Lots of agriculture, lots of empty torn down houses, lots and lots of garbage.  LOTS of dirt....  I actually like it here though!  We even have 2 little villages of sorts that are in our area that we have to ride the bus to.  They're prettier though...

The people here are nice though!!!  We're having lots of fun!  We found some families that we're working with and things are looking good with them!  One of them was able to go to church with us on sunday, and they were telling me that they just felt sooo good.  They were happy and they kept just feeling warm and nice!!  Then before I could ask when we could visit them next, they asked us when they could see us and set up the time and everything!  Usually we have to ask them and work harder to have them agree to a set date and time!!  Soo sweet!!!

We also visited another family and the husband told us that he wants to get baptized, and knows that he will, he's just waiting for his wife to agree and he works on Sundays and can't go to church with us...yet!!  His wife is sweet though and she wants to, just wants more time.

Zone water balloon fight, we are all soaking wet!

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