Monday, May 26, 2014

It´s already Monday? (Emailed 5/19/14)

Wow!!!  It seems like I was just writing 2 days ago!  But a week has already gone by!  That's crazy!  And it's even more crazy because the transfer is already half over, and yesterday was 5

So far so good though!  I met an Elder today who has almost a year, but has only had 2 areas in his entire mission.  I've got half the time, and I'm in my second area.  Crazy!!!

Everything's been going good though!  Our ward here was able to have a temple trip friday and Saturday.  It's hours away though, and so it was a big thing for them.  I'm so gratefull that we're so lucky to have temples so close to us in UT!  The members really enjoyed that though and had a good experience!!  So cool!

Not much has changed this week though.  I'm in Mochis, just working away!  I did see a surgery this week!  That was exciting!  Lot's of fun stuff!!

Ok, well I'll talk to you all later!  I'm out of time.

Love you all so much!!!!

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