Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Just a quick hi from Mexico!

So this is just gonna be a quick little letter.  Today I went to guaymus again for my visa with a bunch of other missionaries.  It was soo fun!!!  But we weren´t able to write until now, so....

But this week has been good!  I still can´t believe that this is my last week in this transfer!  We´re all making predictions of what will happen, but who knows!  The mission also is getting 10 new sisters and 1 elder.  I think that by June, there will be more sisters than elders serving in this mission, which is CRAZY!!!  When I got here, there weren´t even enough sisters to train the rest of the sisters, but that´s all changing!

We´re preparing for the baptism of the daughter of an investigator for this Sat.  She´s 11 years old, and is soooo sweet!  Her mom can´t be baptized right now, but she´s going to, and her sister will be 8 in June and can´t wait to be baptized.  The whole family is just sooo cute and after a bit more time, everyone should be able to be baptized!

Ok, well gotta go!  I love you all so much!

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