Monday, April 14, 2014

April 7 Email

Well... Hola!!!

So, first of all, I don't know what happened to my email last week...  I thought I sent it, but I honestly can't find it anymore, so sorry if you didn't get it! 

I can't believe how fast time goes!  This transfer is half over!!!

So, quick update - we're moving again!  So our house wasn't actually in our area and it wasn't the best, so we've been keeping our eyes open for some houses for rent.  We've actually found a few that are perfect, and we got the ok to move, so we should be moved this week.  We were going to be moving today, but that didn't happen, so maybe tomorrow we'll have to...  Anyways, that's good! 

We spent a lot of time with our zone this week.  Friday we had zone conference, and then Saturday and Sunday was GENERAL CONFERENCE!  Which the whole stake watches together in the stake center.  Gratefully, that's our chapel, so we don't even have to go far to watch!  And in the past the missionaries were only allowed to watch if they had investigators, but this time, everyone could watch no matter what.  We actually had 1 investigator come, who has a baptismal date, but she's not going to be able to be that's a let down...  But it's pretty funny because hardly anyone but the missionaries wen't to conference on saturday.  The stake president and his family, a few other people, and all the missionaries in our zone. 

I didn't catch too much of General Conference though.  I was pretty sick and out of it this weekend, then throw in that it was all in Spanish.  But what I did get from it was pretty good!  I LOVE conference!!

It was also super great that I did have the opportunity to watch it in Mexico, in Spanish, with people from my stake.  Watching and being a part of the gospel being preached to everyone in their own tongue was a really special experience.  I just love these people!

Not much else is new though.  Just living the missionary life here in Mexico! 

Pues, Love you all tons!!! 

 - Hermana Skeen

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