Monday, April 14, 2014

4 Months!

Well... Hola!!!

I hope everyone's doing well!!  Just in case you're wondering, I'm doing fine!!

More than fine actually.  I'm having the time of my life!!

At the end of this week I complete 4 months as a missionary.  Yeah - I'm shocked.  Where has the time gone, and what has happened!!  I can't believe this!  I'm sad because  I don't want the time to go fast, but this transfer is already almost ending!  On the other hand, so much seems to have happened in so little time.  I think that's what's really shocking me.  It seems like I haven't written in forever!  I haven't even thought about it, but it feels like I could have skipped a few mondays of writing in between.  That's how much happens in a week here! 

Ok, question:  what's the weather like in Utah right now?  Because here, summer is coming!  The heat really isn't here yet, but everyone's saying that it's a lot hotter than it was last year and that the summer is coming.  I'm pretty sure the bottoms of my feet are going to be burning through my shoes.  Already  the ground is crazy hot, but it's supposed to be worse.  Don't know how I'm going to live exactly... :)

We did move!!  It's a good thing that we don't spend much time in our house during the day though!  We moved into an apartment that's above another house, and it gets hot!  It's nice though!  We have a normal bathroom, and there's even a window to the kitchen in the shower if we're feeling hungry!  Broma!!  Jajaja!  No, but seriously...  I can't wait for wednesday though!  right now we have 2 full size beds, but they're in different rooms, so our sleeping arangements have been a bit funny!  So wednesday some Elders are finally going to help us rearrange the furniture and then we can finally unpack and settle in! Just in time for our last week of the transfer!  This transfer I haven't ever fully unpacked my suitcases...  Crazy stuff!

The house is good though!  It's pink and yellow!!  My companion's favorite color, and mine!!  Perfecta!  jajaja!  And we have to climb the (bright yellow) stairs everyday, so I'm getting a bit more excercise!  Someday I'll get up early and we'll go for a run... someday... :)

The work has been good here though!!  We probably won't be having any baptisms this month though.  One investigator hasn't been to church in weeks and the other has lots of other issues but LOVES the church, and so do her children, which is great!!  We've found lots of great investigators though!!  If we work really hard and things keep going the way that they are now, mayo is going to be an incredible month here for barrio mayo!!  probably just jynxed it though...

But wow!!  This is amazing!!  Watching and helping people learn and grow and change is so incredible!!  I love seeing how what we're teaching affects others and how they come to know of the truth of it all.  It really is incredible!!

I have learned and changed a ton this past week too!!!  I have loved this week!!

Today, we went to the zoo here!!!  They sell carrots and you can feed all the animals with your hand!  of course I lost it with the cows!!    I also fed a black bear with my hand!!!  And a girraffe, and lots of monkeys!!  Actually, I was holding a carrot just out of reach of a monkey for a picture of him reaching to me, and he lost patience and next thing I know, his tail snatched the carrot from me!!  I also fed a huge wolf!!  Lots of animals!!!  So much fun!!!

Ok, well I love you all sooo much!!!

- Hermana Skeen :)

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