Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 1 in Mayo B! (2)

Hola everyone!!!  How is everyone??

So this was my first week working in Mayo B!  I actually really like opening a new area though.  Lots of work, especially since almost all of what we did in my last transfer was in what's now Mayo A.  But I love it!  We are contacting a lot of new people.  We pretty much have to start from scratch though.  My old companion threw away all of our information for past investigators and most of the members live in the other area, so we're just goin' with it!

My area is still in what's the nicer part of Obregon and were still in the city area, but it's definitely on the poorer side. 

We might be moving again.  We're not currently living in our area which is difficult when we walk everywhere, and our house is interesting for sure.  Found some dead lizards this morning, and at nights there's swarms of cucarachas in front of our house.  So we use lots of spray...  Oh, did you know cucarachas fly???  I didin't, until I was trying to dodge one on the ground and all of a sudden it starts flying towards me!!!! So lots of searching for houses for rent on the side!  :)

We have lots of fun though!  It's fun to have 4 hermanas in the same ward.  We see each other everyday and we're almost just like a companionship of 4.  It's super fun!

There's lots of work to do here though!  The barrio is growing and becoming stronger!  I just love them all so much!  The people really are so amazing!

Well, this is probably it for now.  I'm running out of time.  But I am so grateful to have the gospel in my life!  It's amazing to be able to share this message and this joy with others!  I love this!  Watching people learn the truth and want and accept it is sooo amazing!  The impact that this has on their lives! 

Well love you all and miss you tons!!!

Hermanan Skeen

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