Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 1 in Mayo B! (2)

Hola everyone!!!  How is everyone??

So this was my first week working in Mayo B!  I actually really like opening a new area though.  Lots of work, especially since almost all of what we did in my last transfer was in what's now Mayo A.  But I love it!  We are contacting a lot of new people.  We pretty much have to start from scratch though.  My old companion threw away all of our information for past investigators and most of the members live in the other area, so we're just goin' with it!

My area is still in what's the nicer part of Obregon and were still in the city area, but it's definitely on the poorer side. 

We might be moving again.  We're not currently living in our area which is difficult when we walk everywhere, and our house is interesting for sure.  Found some dead lizards this morning, and at nights there's swarms of cucarachas in front of our house.  So we use lots of spray...  Oh, did you know cucarachas fly???  I didin't, until I was trying to dodge one on the ground and all of a sudden it starts flying towards me!!!! So lots of searching for houses for rent on the side!  :)

We have lots of fun though!  It's fun to have 4 hermanas in the same ward.  We see each other everyday and we're almost just like a companionship of 4.  It's super fun!

There's lots of work to do here though!  The barrio is growing and becoming stronger!  I just love them all so much!  The people really are so amazing!

Well, this is probably it for now.  I'm running out of time.  But I am so grateful to have the gospel in my life!  It's amazing to be able to share this message and this joy with others!  I love this!  Watching people learn the truth and want and accept it is sooo amazing!  The impact that this has on their lives! 

Well love you all and miss you tons!!!

Hermanan Skeen

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Ok, first transfer is over.  What happened to the time!  I can't belive I've been in Mexico for a month and a half!  It's crazy!

We were able to end the transfer with the best baptism ever though!  Ezequiel was baptized on Saturday!  It was beautiful!  He was so incredibly happy!  And he bore the most beautiful testimony ever afterwards!  I'm so proud of him and so happy for him!

We even had 2 investigators come to the baptism and they are super excited and ready for their turn!  It won't be until the 20 of April though.  And, I only have one of our investigators....because of cambios!

So my area, Mayo, is the smallest area and ward in our zone.  They love the missionaries, so they actually requested more to help the ward grow, and that's what happened!  So I'm actually in Mayo B now, which we honestly never even went in.  So this will be an adventure, because my companion doesn't know the area at all either!  I did move houses though.  That was fun... :)  We're actually not even in my new area, or my old area, but we're close!  There were just no houses anywhere for us though!  Our new house is nice, but super small!  The bathroom is part of the bedroom, then we have a kitchen and 1 table.  We'll see how this works! :)  I'm super excited for it though!!  And my new comp is super great!  Her name's Hna. Ortiz, and she is just about to hit her 1 year mark this week!  She's really great though!  And I'm happy that we're staying in the same ward, and so is my other companion, she's just in Mayo A.  So we'll still get to see each other daily!  This is so fun!

So funny story of the week:

Today we moved in to our new house.  The house had nothing.  No dishes, almost no furniture, nothing!  It did have a TV, but we had them take that out for us :)  So of course, my comp and I went shopping!  It was just the 2 of us, and my comp is tiny!  Probably the smallest person I've met yet!  We bought a lot of stuff.  We needed cleaning supplies and dishes and food!  The only stores that had what we needed though were far away, and so we took the bus.  So then we're walking out, with no ride but the bus, and way too far to walk, and lots of groceries.  We didn't want to spend the money on a taxi, so we put our bags on the broom that we bought and a rod that we bought to hang our clothes on and got on the (crowded) bus.  It was a joke!  It was all super heavy, and there was no room, and we're just these 2 silly giggly girls carrying it all on a broom and a rod!  Then once we got off, we started walking to our house, and almost all of the bags broke.  We have no phone because our area's brand new, and we have no way to get help or a ride.  Struggle!!!  We were laughing sooo hard!  Eventually a member from another ward saw us and gave us a ride to our house, but it was hilarious!

Anyways, it's been a great week so far!!  I've learned a lot (like when to ignore the crazy drunkards following us, and when to run from them...But no worries!  I'm completely safe!  I have promise of the Lord!) and done a lot, and seen a lot!  Loving being a missionary more than anything!!

love you all and miss you all!!!

Hermana Skeen

Saturday, March 15, 2014


What a week!! (emailed 3/10/2014)

So I hope everyone´s doing well!!  I miss everyone!!

This week I spent a lot of time sick in bed.  Both my companion, Hna. Lindsley, and I were super sick.  Lots of fun there!!  We´re both feeling better now though, so that´s good!  Still recovering, but 10 times better!

This has probably been my craziest week yet!  I´m a little short on time, so I don´t know how much detail I´ll be going into.  I actually spent most of my time in Guaymus for my visa today with some other missionaries.  It was super fun because my companions from the MTC went with me!  We all had so much fun!

So we didn´t have water from Friday to Sunday.  That was interesting.  I just love not showering and walking around in the heat all day!¨:)  haha!!!  It was pretty hilarious actually!

Yesterday it rained!!!  The first time yet!  It´s been overcast fairly often, so I´m always waiting for the rain, but it never comes.  Well, until yesterday!!  And when it rains here, it REALLY rains.  In about 30 seconds the streets were flooding!  It was crazy, but super good!  It didn´t rain much, and the sun did come out later, but we were drenched!!  I loved it!!

So bad news, Carlo decided he wasn´t ready for baptism and is now extremely hard to get a hold of.  Ezekiel´s baptism is scheduled for this Saturday though!  He´s golden!  I love him so much!  We´ll see though...  He´s moving and there´s been some ¨miscommunication¨ of sorts.  He´ll be baptized no matter what, I just might be transferred before then.

Speaking of, what???  My first transfer is next week!  That´s crazy!  Where has the time gone?

So, I want to share a funny story from this week, but I honestly don´t know which one...  I could easily say that this week could be the strangest, funniest, craziest week of my entire mission.  Hands down!  Well, actually, things just keep getting stranger and funnier as time goes by so we´ll see.  If this pattern keeps up though, the end of my mission will be insane!!!!   Hahaha!!

I actually was eating lunch with Hna. Lindsley at a miembro´s house this week and she told me that I had to use the bathroom there.  I didn´t actually have to go, but she was adament that I see this bathroom.  So it´s in the hall between the bedroom and their family room of sorts.  The only door there is a sliding glass shower door.  Then inside the bathroom, both the toilet and the sink are right up against the shower, which was another glass shower door, and the other door to the hallway.  The sink is sooo close to the toilet that there´s almost no room.  So she opens the bathroom door, and calls to someone in the shower.  They´re probably about 13 years old, and she just tells her that the missionary, me, needs to use the bathroom.  Then she proceeds to have me go in and use the bathroom, in between the 2 glass doors, while people are in the other room, and next to someone showering!  I didn´t actually have to go, but I couldn´t even fake it, because everyone would know!  So I go back out and my comp. is smiling and asks me how I liked the bathroom.  I couldn´t even keep from laughing as I told her that someone was showering as I went.  We both lost it.  We were doing everything we could to keep from dying of laughter.  We did teach a lesson though!  Tears streaming down our faces and all!

On a more serious note though, Saturday our ward had a trip to the temple!!  It was so cool!  We didn´t get to go, but my first recent convert, Audino, and his other recent convert friends, Hermes y Raul, all went and did baptisms together!!  They were soooo cute about it!  So spiritual for them!  They loved it so much!  On Sunday they showed us all their pictures and told us their great experiences!  Afterwards they went shopping and bought some church things.  They are so incredibly happy to have the gospel in their lives!!  It´s amazing!!!

Well I love you all tons!!  Take care!

Con amor,
Hermana Skeen

Monday, March 3, 2014

Pues... Hola From Your Favorite Missionary in Mexico!

Hola todo!

This week's been a crazy one, that's for sure!  I love being a missionary though!  Best thing ever! 

So wanna know about some of my amazing investigators?  Well you don't have much of a choice... :)  Haha!!

So on the 15 and 16 we should be having 2 baptisms.  Their names are Ezekiel and Carlo.  Carlo's uncle is actually a recent convert and so we started talking to Carlo.  He's a hilarious spaz, but he's great!  He reads everything we ask him and actually knows all the information, but as soon as we begin talking about why it's important, he gets super quiet and thoughtful and tells us that it's all just beautiful.  And he actually says beautiful.  He's trying to work on his English, which is super hilarious at times.  He's said some downright funny things, where I can't help but cry from laughter! 

Then Ezekiel, we actually just met a week ago. He just walked into the church and no one actually knew who he was.  Turns out, he had been working for the church as security, and actually met Elder Christofferson.  He had been attending a different barrio in the city, but he didn't know where his ward was supposed to meet, until this sunday.  We met his girlfriend, who's a member, and she's adorable!  But Ezekiel is just amazing.  Our second lesson we had with him, we asked him if he had prayed about what we had taught him.  He immediately teared up and said that yes, and he knew that it's true.  The rest of the lesson was amazing!  And at the end we had him pray.  As he knelt there, he offered the most sincere and heartfelt prayer of gratitude to his Father.  And as he prayed both him and his girlfriend were sobbing.  It was soo beautiful and spiritual.  Some of our elders were having a baptism later that day so we were able to show him the font, and he met the boy being baptized that day.  He couldn't stay though, so that was kind of sad.  But he's just soo great!!  I love him so much!!

We have 3 more investigators scheduled for march 30 as well, and these women are just incredible!  I'll have to tell you all about them next week though! 

Funny stories of the week -

So we were studying with our zone leaders this week.  One of them is from Utah, the other is from the Dominican Republic and speaks almost no English.  For some reason, we were having our studies in English that day though.  So he was trying to share a scripture with us but he couldn't remember how to say "chapter."  My cute companion was trying to help him and started to speak, but then he blurted out, "shut up!"  we were all just sitting there in shock for a split second until we realized that he actually though that was the word for "chapter"  I lost it!!  Tears streaming down my face lost it!!  Sooo funny!!

Then Carlo was trying to tell us that he had to find this sheet of paper for his work.  He was completely serious, but then when he tried to pronounce sheet in English, his accent said something completely different, and we were at church and everything!  My comp. and I both lost it there too! 

This just makes me super worried for my Spanish!  How do people not crack up when I'm speaking???  Hahahaha!!

Oh, and I learned that I cannot say I like anything that someone has.  They'll give it to me without a second thought and will not accept a refusal...  I have now aquired a mustache bracelet completely by accident....

But that's Mexico!!!  I love it here!  Love the work!!!! This is the best!!!

Love you all and miss you tons!!!!!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Skeen