Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Alcoholics Anonymous?


Yeah, I'll get to the title later... :)  But this week has been so crazy!!  Audino is officially baptized and he is amazing as ever!  He has so much faith and was so prepared!

The rest of the week has been a whole lot of awkward moments though!  Just practicing for the whole next 16 months!  Can you believe that!?  Only 16 months left on my mission!  That's really sad actually!

So story time!  I have some pretty good ones this week!  Lot's of good awkwardness...heheh...

So first of all, my companion and I were able to go by ourselves on Tuesday and Wednesday because our other comp had a meeting and then stayed with a member.  We had lots of fun and were able to do a lot of work!  It was really good!  Until I broke one of investigators cups when I went to kneel for a prayer and then spilled some soup everywhere at a member's house...  Then on Thursday we were eating at another members and I look over and their dog was peeing on my bag!  That's not the worst that's happened though, so I'm really un-phased by most everything now.  Kind of crazy!  Today we were actually riding on a bus, and let me tell ya, these buses are the most disgusting things you can ride in and I'm pretty sure they could fall apart any minute.  But there was a truck stopped in the road, so all of a sudden the bus driver slams on the brakes, and they don't drive slowly here, and then starts backing up until he came to an intersection as all the other cars just passed us.  Then he crosses the median over to the other side of traffic.  Cars are coming and there's not enough room, but that's not going to stop him!  So eventually he goes half on the median, tree branches are hitting people through the windows and we're just barely missing oncoming traffic!  Still - I'm used to that stuff already...

The only thing that still kind of bugs me is the bugs.  They're big, and they're everywhere.  I'm used to all of our little pets at home though, and most of the spiders just stay in their corners.  I've changed so much when it comes to that!  I can deal with them!  One of our biggest spiders disappeared the other day and we haven't seen him since!  I know he's still here somewhere though... kind of miss him... :)

And now I'm sure you're all wondering - AA?  Yup!  I spent Sunday night in Alcohol Anonymous in Mexico.  I can honestly say that I never thought I would have ever said that!   It wasn't bad though!  Audino and his friend Hermes, the one that originally referred us to Audino, run AA every night at 8, and they really wanted us to attend for support!  We couldn't stay the whole time because we had to go home, but who would've thought?

This is so great though!  I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to be here!  Even with all the horror stories of the heat - and other things I wont tell ya'll about ;)  I love it though!  I love seeing the hand of the Lord in everything and seeing other's and their willingness to change!  And then seeing Audino!  He was the happiest I have ever seen him and it's incredible to me how much the gospel really does bless the lives of others!  That's why I'm here!  Even when it's hard, the Lord is constantly blessing us!  I can't wait to bring others this joy!

Loving missionary work, missing y'all, love you so much!
Hermana Skeen

P.S.  I'll try to have more time for next week!!!  And maybe share some more stories that I didn't get to.  Really cool stuff here in Obregon!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Living It Up In Mexico!

Whoa!!  I'm living in Mexico!  Well first of all,  I'm already so jealous of the cold in Utah!  Its 90% humidity here, and even though the mornings and evenings are super cold, once it hits like 10am, it gets sooo hot!  And this is their winter!  I was talking to my trainer about how hot it is, and she was just like, this is nothing!  She was telling us how in the summers, its just deathly hot!  120 everyday, and the only reason to be out in the streets in the summer is if you're a dog, which there are tons, a crazy homeless person, or a missionary!  She said that no one else is crazy enough to be out in the streets.... So this will be fun!

This city is beautiful though!  My first area is here in Obregon.  It has like the same population as SLC, but it's a lot more condensed.  In some areas it even smells worse than San Francisco though...  And I'm in a trio again!  My trainer has been out for 9 months and is from Mexico, and my other companion has been here for about a month and a half and was one of the first sisters in Mexico from America!  Im in the second wave, so there's not very many of us American sisters! :)  It's fun though!

I don't understand much of what's happening yet!  But that's normal.  Everyone says that after month four, Ill be great!   I just have to make it to then!  :)  I love it here though!  The people are so great!  and my district is really fun!  I absolutely love Presidente and Hermana Munive!!  They're so amazing!  So happy!  It was really funny though, because my first night here, they were driving us to the mission home for dinner and we passed a Walmart and Presidente Munive said that one of us would be in the city and he was so excited to tell us that we would have a walmart!  he then laughed and said, "You'll be saved!"  So funny!

So I have my first baptism this week!  So exciting!  He is amazing!  His name is Audino, and he is so incredible!  His faith and testimony is insane!  He is just so sure of the truth!  After my second lesson with him, he started crying.  We shared a scripture with him, but he couldn't even finish it.  Then he looked up and just said, "I know that this is true!"  Afterwards, he said that during the lesson, we were all glowing and he actually thought that we were angels sent from God!  So crazy!  He's sooo excited for his baptism!  And the first time we showed him a pic of the Prophet and apostles, he said that he knew without a doubt that they were prophets of God and had complete faith!  Then yesterday, we were in church and the Bishop said something about how the members need to be giving references to the missionaries.  He really took that to heart and has been spreading the gospel and telling everyone he's Mormon!  He's already given us references!  I just love him!

Anyways, the ward is great!  Very small, but great!  The people are just amazing!  And the food has been really yummy too!  Lots of food, and lots of meat, but it's been tasty! 

My apartment is actually pretty big in comparison to most.  It's about the size of the kitchen and breakfast area at home! :)

I think the funniest thing so far is the fact that I'm super white.  I've actually tanned a bit, but you can't tell!  Everyone is super obsessed with my blue eyes!  We were with one family and they went on for 10 minutes just about my blue eyes!  But everywhere we go, they bring them up!  It's so shocking to them to see a gringa here though, because they're not used to seeing white people, especially girls and I'm just white as can be, all dressed up walking around everywhere.  It gets everyone's attention that's for sure!  My companion is scared to death though that we're going to die!  She's very cautious now that I'm here, which makes me laugh.

But I still can't believe I'm in Mexico!  I find myself doing the most bizarre things sometimes, but it's so great!!!

Love you all and miss you tons!!!!

Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Skeen

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Estoy en Mexico!!!

Hola familia

Ok, so sorry I couldnt talk to you!  I made it to Mexico though!  Its so beautiful here, and its warm!  Loving it!

I miss you all tons!  Hope youre doing well!  I love you! 

Just letting you know that I made it to my mission ok!  Im actually headed to my area in a few minutes, but everythings great!

Love you!

 - Hermana Skeen :)