Thursday, January 30, 2014

Last Days in the Empty Sea!


I can´t believe it!!  In 3 1/2 days, I´ll be in Mexico.  For the next year and a half!!!!  I´m so excited!! Being a missionary is the best thing ever!!!  I am honestly sooo sad that I really only have less than 17 months left!  It´s so short!  All of the teachers here tell us how jealous they are that we´re just starting out, and I totally get that!  I don´t want this to end!  We fly to Mexico on Monday, leaving to AZ in the morning, and then flying to Mexico.  Mom has the details, so ask her :)  I just don't have enough time!!

Ok, I just realized the keyboard has been switching back and forth between Español and English, which explains why I´ve been so confused as I try to type... But that´s the computers here for ya!  And ya, I still can´t get the pictures to work again, so maybe in Mexico I´ll finally be able to send you some pics!  If not though, I´ll show you all when I get home!  But these comps are crazy! 

What a crazy week it´s been though!  I can´t believe it´s only been a week!  Everything seems so long ago, but I don´t feel like I´ve been here for over 6 weeks!  Time is soo warped here!  :)

So we're back together again!  Hna. Benally left for Mexico on Friday.  She had been trying to get her travel plans for at least a week and they didn't have anything, then Friday afternoon, they came and told her that she would be flying to Mexico in a few hours, so she needed to go pack!  Ahh!  And she was flying completely alone too!  But there's been a lot of changes this week!   Our classroom has been moved to the classroom farthest away from everything on the end of campus, which is hilarious, because our residence is the one on the farthest side of the opposite side of the campus.  We get great exercise!!  All through the snow and rain and cold!! :)  Also, yesterday was our last day with one of our teachers because he's going out of town, so we're back to substitute teachers again!  the first 3 weeks here we didn't have our other teacher because he was out of town too, so we're soo used to that!  (We have 2 teachers per district...)

We also had our branch presidency rearranged on Sunday, which happens every 4 years, so that has been a little crazy!  So we're just getting used to that now!  When they do that, the MTC president and his wife are there to call and release them, but usually its just the 4 districts in our zone.  So anyways, every Sunday we prepare talks and then they just call on whoever they feel like in the meeting, and since next Sunday is fast Sunday, and then our district leaves, it was guaranteed that it would be 2 from our district speaking, in front of the president of the MTC.  So of course it was me who was chosen!  Just my luck!  I get to speak in front of them a lot I guess!  Which reminds me, I need to tell you the other story of me speaking... It's kind of long though.... so maybe when I call from the airport I'll give a brief overview?  Hahaha!!  It's funny though! 

But I love being a missionary!  I don't want to leave here!  We actually have 2 real investigators that we won't be able to be here for their baptism, but we taught them!  So crazy! 

So from West campus alone, there's 130 missionaries leaving on Monday!!  It's insane!  I absolutely love getting to spend time just surrounded by missionaries!  The spirit is always soo strong!  This is the best ever!!

Well I know there was more that I was going to talk about, but I can't remember it all!  So I guess this is it for now!

I love you all and thank you for the letters!  I love hearing about what's been happening in your lives, but that will be a lot harder now!  The mail is really bad in Mexico...

I've also heard from some sisters that they've been washing their clothes in buckets... there have been some crazy stories so far... but I can't wait!!!!!!

Love you all tons and I miss everyone!!!!!

 - Hermana Skeen :)

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